Council of Thieves - Third Session

Third Session

The hideout we’re using is called Aeroden’s Rise.

There’s a character named Shanwyan, who is a Hell Knight Lieutenant. He was transporting Ariel in a wagon, with a contingent of Dotari. We ambushed the wagon with the help of Horace and slayed Shanwyan. Ariel was freed and we returned to Aeroden’s Rise.Ariel was interrogated, but they don’t have much on him. The Hell Knights are not a worry.

There was a letter from Arvanxi, the mayor, and Dotari requesting to deal with the Bastards of Erebus for a 2nd time. The letter was found on Shanwayn.

There’s talk of a wererat leader of a goblin gang, whose name is Wychen. They reside in the dark district. They are in an inn that’s marked with a green flag.

We have an encounter where a haughty thespian named Thiesing was chiding a local livery owner. We convinced Theising the livery man was not worth the trouble and gained 1,200 XP.

We met a masked woman in a blue hood. She told us of the shadow beasts and offered 100 gp for every shadow beast corpse we delivered. We were to deliver them on a garbage stoop at a tavern across from the Leroung estate.

We were attacked by bandits in the dark quarter with purple armbands and dealt with them.



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