Council of Thieves - 5th Session

Fifth Session

Ariel called a meeting. Provided us with gold. He informs us Janaven will have more info later.

We pooled funds to get Boro a new set of armor. He had it custom made and we left to go pick it up.

We decide to take out the Bastards of Erebus, There was an incident involving a double homicide. They are operating out of an old temple of Estratel (?). They keep a lookout in the old church’s bell tower. Near the bell tower are some two story buildings.

Our strategy was to sneak around the side. We encountered a giant rotgrub and slayed it in a shed behind the temple. There was a hole in the roof of the shed where it looked like the Bastards threw bodies on which the rotgrub would feast.

We found a stairway under the floor and headed down. We encountered a dog as Boro failed a stealth check. We killed the dogs but the guards were altered. We fought three thugs and a sorceror and killed them.



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