Council of Thieves

First Session

Three characters meet at Vizio’s Tavern for a secret meeting. The tavern is boarded up and out of business. Each character has a reason to dislike the Westcrown ruling powers, which is why they were invited.

Meeting was held by Janaven, a no-nonsense ex-caravan guard. Her meeting was designed to have us join an underground league, whose mission is to improve Westcrown.

A teenage boy named Morrisino then broke in and breathlessly indicated “They’ve got Ariel!” Ariel was discovered to be the mastermind behind this league.

We were quickly ushered into the sewers by Janaven and followed her to a hidden cache of healing potions.

She informed us we should make our way to a temple safehouse.

We encountered a small group of goblins in the sewer, which we dispatched.

We also encountered a small group of Hell Knights, which we killed easily.

Janaven indicated she did not know which way to go at a crossroads. We turned right and investigated what appeared to be a small room off one of the passages.



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