Council of Thieves

Second Session

Entered a small room and met a phantom sage named Pollum. He spoke of a vampire wanting to feast, infernal siblings and order is no order at all. Then he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

We killed some torbles and made our way to the safehouse temple. There we met a number of people joined to the same cause:

- The bar itself is called the Froos Foot (spelling?). Owned by Ermolos.

- Within we met: Rednair (sp?), Gorvio, Larko, Fiosa, Horace, Yakapoolio, Lady Amiah, Methalen, Risarto, Sklavo, Tarvey and Vitti.

We decided to name our band of resistance fighters “Clandestiny”.

The leader of this band is Ariel.



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