Council of Thieves - 4th Session
Fourth Session

We took on the bandit gang and defeated Wychen. Gained 2,200 XP.

Further clarification on letter from Shamwyen – It was from the mayor to the Hell Knights requesting help to deal with the Bastards of Erebus.

We question a textile merchant named Aeroman concerning the Bastards. He indicated they always attack at night, they never attack two days in a row, their lair is fortified, there have been 8 attacks in 3 weeks and they attack in groups of 3-4.

We fought and killed 3 shadow beasts, for 800 XP a piece.

Council of Thieves - 5th Session
Fifth Session

Ariel called a meeting. Provided us with gold. He informs us Janaven will have more info later.

We pooled funds to get Boro a new set of armor. He had it custom made and we left to go pick it up.

We decide to take out the Bastards of Erebus, There was an incident involving a double homicide. They are operating out of an old temple of Estratel (?). They keep a lookout in the old church’s bell tower. Near the bell tower are some two story buildings.

Our strategy was to sneak around the side. We encountered a giant rotgrub and slayed it in a shed behind the temple. There was a hole in the roof of the shed where it looked like the Bastards threw bodies on which the rotgrub would feast.

We found a stairway under the floor and headed down. We encountered a dog as Boro failed a stealth check. We killed the dogs but the guards were altered. We fought three thugs and a sorceror and killed them.

Clandestiny's Adventures
A transcript of our past sessions of glory.

Here lies the tales of Clandestiny – a band of unlikely heroes bound together by duty and a love of shiny things, preferably magic in nature.

These are the notes of past sessions, starting at a secret tavern meeting and on into the future.

There may be gaps that I (somehow) missed while scribbling hieroglyphs on notebook paper, mid-session. These entries are my notes pretty much verbatim. If you feel there are overt omissions, please feel free to fill in the gaps.

Council of Thieves - Third Session
Third Session

The hideout we’re using is called Aeroden’s Rise.

There’s a character named Shanwyan, who is a Hell Knight Lieutenant. He was transporting Ariel in a wagon, with a contingent of Dotari. We ambushed the wagon with the help of Horace and slayed Shanwyan. Ariel was freed and we returned to Aeroden’s Rise.Ariel was interrogated, but they don’t have much on him. The Hell Knights are not a worry.

There was a letter from Arvanxi, the mayor, and Dotari requesting to deal with the Bastards of Erebus for a 2nd time. The letter was found on Shanwayn.

There’s talk of a wererat leader of a goblin gang, whose name is Wychen. They reside in the dark district. They are in an inn that’s marked with a green flag.

We have an encounter where a haughty thespian named Thiesing was chiding a local livery owner. We convinced Theising the livery man was not worth the trouble and gained 1,200 XP.

We met a masked woman in a blue hood. She told us of the shadow beasts and offered 100 gp for every shadow beast corpse we delivered. We were to deliver them on a garbage stoop at a tavern across from the Leroung estate.

We were attacked by bandits in the dark quarter with purple armbands and dealt with them.

Council of Thieves
Second Session

Entered a small room and met a phantom sage named Pollum. He spoke of a vampire wanting to feast, infernal siblings and order is no order at all. Then he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

We killed some torbles and made our way to the safehouse temple. There we met a number of people joined to the same cause:

- The bar itself is called the Froos Foot (spelling?). Owned by Ermolos.

- Within we met: Rednair (sp?), Gorvio, Larko, Fiosa, Horace, Yakapoolio, Lady Amiah, Methalen, Risarto, Sklavo, Tarvey and Vitti.

We decided to name our band of resistance fighters “Clandestiny”.

The leader of this band is Ariel.

Council of Thieves
First Session

Three characters meet at Vizio’s Tavern for a secret meeting. The tavern is boarded up and out of business. Each character has a reason to dislike the Westcrown ruling powers, which is why they were invited.

Meeting was held by Janaven, a no-nonsense ex-caravan guard. Her meeting was designed to have us join an underground league, whose mission is to improve Westcrown.

A teenage boy named Morrisino then broke in and breathlessly indicated “They’ve got Ariel!” Ariel was discovered to be the mastermind behind this league.

We were quickly ushered into the sewers by Janaven and followed her to a hidden cache of healing potions.

She informed us we should make our way to a temple safehouse.

We encountered a small group of goblins in the sewer, which we dispatched.

We also encountered a small group of Hell Knights, which we killed easily.

Janaven indicated she did not know which way to go at a crossroads. We turned right and investigated what appeared to be a small room off one of the passages.

Council of Thieves - Region Background
Region Background

Aeroden was the previous god of the area (Cheliax). He died in 4606 of natural causes. Westcrown was his seat of power.

When Aeroden died, the House of Thrune took over. The House of Thrune moved the capital of Cheliax out of Westcrown. They installed Asmodeus as the local god and installed Arvanxi as the governor.

Westcrown consists of 3 main areas: Island (affluent), North (abandoned), South (cool). Slavery is legal and mostly Halflings are slaves. There is lots of vice in Westcrown. The population is around 110,000. There are two orders of law in Westcrown: Hell Knights, who serve Cheliax as a whole and Dotari, who are the local “cops”.


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